Russia's Federal law 425-FZ requires medicines to be uniquely identified across packing levels with additional Russia-specific cryptography. Under Russia's Federal law, participants must track and report products in various stages of the supply chain. This information is reported to Russia's centralized Federal Repository (IS MDLP).

As one of the pioneers of Track & Trace compliance provider, SS DATACODE® having successfully implemented at more than 100 locations. We are strategically positioned to support pharmaceutical companies to achieve compliance well in advance of the January 1, 2020 deadline mandated by the Russian government.

  • Glance at Russian Track & Trace Requirements
  • January 1, 2020 deadline mandated by the Russian government.
  • All medicines are to be marked including OTC products.
  • Along with Serial No., Crypto code & Crypto key to be added for additional security.
  • Aggregation is must due to supply chain tracking.
  • Up to 35 event for products manufactured outside Russia.

Every single saleable unit has to be serialized and the identification must be realized by a data matrix code. Furthermore, the law contains definitions regarding the look of the code and what has to be included.

Russian T&T Code is a code sequence consisting of an “Identification Code” and a “Verification Code”. This means the code includes the Application Identifiers AI01 for GTIN, AI21 for Serial Number, AI91 and AI92 for the crypto code.

Identification Code is a code sequence consisting of GTIN and Serial Number. This means this code includes AI01 GTIN and AI21 Serial Number.

Verification Code is a code sequence, which is generated by cryptographic transformation of the Identification Code. The corresponding Application Identifiers are AI91 and AI92.

Verification Code Verifier: Check of authenticity as a result of the combined verification by using Identification Code and Verification Code


Why DATASOFT®Russian Track and Trace Solution

  • Highly secure automatic code generation uniquely identifies each product
  • Real-time customer messaging verifies authenticity
  • Brand owners gain a direct link to consumers for marketing and promotions
  • One solution for Multi-Plant and Multi-Line

Trust SS DATACODE® as your solution partner for one of the most complex Track & Trace regulations in the world.

Contact us for any queries and we look forward to finding the optimal solution for you.

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