DATASOFTTM CLAP for Product Authentication

DATACODE's DATASOFTTM CLAP is the product authentication platform that allows everyone to verify that the products they buy are authentic, everywhere they shop. All it takes is a smartphone, tablet and a minute to the code.

If you love authentic products, you'll love DATACODE

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SS DATACODE Complete Track & Trace

SS DATACODE Track and Trace for e-pedigree is a flexible solution especially tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical industry and its service providers with rapid implementation, modular structure and flexible adaptation to changing requirements. At all levels of serialization, all printing and vision equipment’s, PLC controlled devices are connected into a centralized software to manage the whole system.

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Why Track & Trace

Counterfeit drugs and diversion risk lives, undermine revenues and threaten company reputations. Supply chain security and the ability to authenticate the e-Pedigree, or life history, of a product is an essential part of the battle against fake drugs. products are diverted from one market to another, with implications for licensing obligations and distribution agreements as well as for revenues.

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Asset Management

SS DATACODE Asset Management System is the professional solution for the management of all your assets. With our solution, you can track what assets you have, where & when they are assigned, input their condition, and which employee is responsible. Our system will also help you track the history of your assets and to help you proactively manage transfer, dispose, repair, inspection & audit of your assets.

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Inventory & Warehouse

We carry inventory software for control and tracking of warehouse or point of sale inventory. This combines the use of desktop software, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and mobile devices to streamline the management of warehouse e.g. goods, consumables, supplies, stock, etc. Using an inventory system provides staff accountability and minimizes inventory/warehouse stock outs and shrinkage.

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Procurement Management

Automate and accelerate your procurement with SS DATACODE’s Procurement Management System – a robust solution that streamlines requisitions, vendor quotations & comparisons, purchase orders & lets you build excellent relationships with your suppliers. This purchasing software gives you a quick ROI by helping you efficiently manage your day-to-day purchasing and gain control over your spending.

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